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7 Beauty Prep Tips Before Your Wedding Day

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Congratulations, you are finally engaged!

In a girl’s life, an engagement marks the next big chapter of her life. Apart from spending their entire lifetime with the husband to be, it also signals the beginning of new rituals to do to prepare herself for her big day.

A wedding is always something to look forward to and prepare for. As the bride and the woman of the hour, you must do your part in making sure you’ll look your best on your best day ever. Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help!

1.    Start working out.About to get married or not, this one is quite a given. We work out not only to look our best, but also to get fit and stay healthy. However, since it is a wedding prep thing, working out this time should be done regularly. Don’t resort to just working out when the wedding comes closer, make it a hard habit. When done out of pressure, it will just tire you out. Who likes looking tired on their wedding pictures? A good workout is when you enjoy what you’re doing. That is where happiness comes from. Endorphins, anyone?

2.    Eat healthier. We like to say go on a good diet, but a diet is never good enough if you starve yourself. You can sign up for meal plans. They can help you choose which food to skimp on and which to consume more so you’ll have glowing skin and a great bod to show off on your wedding dress. Prepare to lessen your intake of greasy food, like pizza and fries.

3.    Get an appointment for a body scrub session. Of course, great skin is a must on your wedding day! Glowing skin sounds great to any bride, and to achieve it, go and splurge on a body scrub. You can even add body wraps and massage to take all the stress of wedding preparations away. This can be done weeks before the wedding, and just go on a regular spa day like a day before to look fresh and rested on the big event.

4.    Sleep more. We know it is harder to sleep when you are anxious of all the wedding preparations. You got so much on your plate, hence the invention of the word ‘bridezilla’. It is possible to not turn into one, just make sure you take some time to rest when you can. A longer sleep will do the trick. When your mind is well-rested, you get to accomplish more than the usual. Plus, it will show on your skin. We do not like saggy eye bags on our wedding day.

5.    Have a test run of your ideal makeup looks. And hair styles as well. You can go to your stylist and give her an idea of your ideal look for your wedding. You can have options to choose from and go from there. This will save you time on the big day itself. No more erasing makeup when you don’t approve of how it looks on you.

6.    Go on an eyelash extension. If you’re not one of the few gifted with long, full lashes, fret not. You can go for falsies, or better yet, book for an eyelash extension. It will lend you a more romantic vibe, and always looks better in pictures.

7.    Get an appointment in a waxing salon. Another one to do for your skin, and is also a great preparation for your honeymoon. Get your upper lips, legs, and bikini area waxed to make sure you look your best. You can also book for a laser hair removal if you have low pain tolerance.

Get these things done and prepare for the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” you will get from your guests. Best wishes!

6 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Every Bride Must Try

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A woman’s hair has long been believed to be her crowning glory. In such a momentous occasion like a wedding, every woman wants to be the most beautiful, as every wedding ideally happens just once in a lifetime.

To achieve the look they want, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyles is very important. A beautiful bride needs to at least try on different hairstyles to match her bridal look.

What are the most popular wedding hairstyles suitable for your wedding day?

  1. Classic updo. Probably the most popular, this one never goes out of style. It is a timeless hairstyle not only great for weddings but also for other formal events. The classic updo will lend some classic vibe to your look, which is always a great idea for wedding portraits. It is timeless, pretty much like what you want your marriage to be. It is a popular choice for traditional church weddings.
  2. Sleek let down. If you know for a fact that your hair is fabulous on its own when you wear it down, try the effortless ‘let your hair down’ look. This is great for brides who like straight, sleek hair just freely flowing over their shoulders. It would not take much effort, and is perfect for laid back weddings. This one is an automatic choice for beach weddings. It is great for ladies who like simplicity.
  3. Loose braids. Another must try hairstyle is the loose braids where you let some strands fall on your face, giving a relaxed, happy vibe. Loose braids look great on brides who are into gypsy, hippie fashion. When you’re planning a Bohemian-themed wedding, or even one on the beach, this one is very appropriate. Just put on a flower crown, and you’re all set.
  4. Cascade curls. Like the sleek let down, it only requires a free flowing hair. This time though, hair is usually set in big waves to make it look more stylish. As permed hair has grown popular over the years, this hairstyle is great for all types of weddings. You can have it down or even in a half-ponytail.
  5. Messy buns. Think you cannot do messy buns on a wedding? Well, you can. After all, it is your wedding. This hairstyle is great for ladies with the no-fuss, no-nonsense personality. If the messy bun has always been your signature hair style, why not make the same statement on your wedding day? You can add pretty flowers on your bun for a more stylish take.
  6. Teased updo. Inspired by the 60’s era, this one is a famous choice for vintage weddings. Ironic how in a very modern era as this decade, vintage weddings are all the rage. This is for the classic brides who are after having a wedding that imbibes the past. Truly a hairstyle that is one for the books.

Every bride is entitled to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. That is, after all, one of the most important day in her life. Take your time in trying to find out which hairstyle and makeup look would be best for your face shape, complexion, and even your wedding theme. You deserve it!

Top 5 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

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We all want to have a wedding of our dream. But let’s face it, sometimes brides are really on a pretty tight budget but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style on your big day.

One way to save money on your wedding is by creating your own wedding favors. Wedding favors are little things you give out on the day of your wedding. This serves as a reminder where people can look at and remember the memorable moments of this special day.

If you are looking for some inspiration to create your own wedding favors without ruining your budget, grab these top five DIY wedding favor ideas;

Mason Jars

Mason jars are absolutely adorable and offer so many uses. Undoubtedly, they are perfect stuff for wedding giveaways. You can design or use your mason jars as wedding favors in many ways. You can fill it with candies, chocolates or anything you want and label it with a cute note like “Hugs & Kisses for Mr and Mrs” along with ribbons and kisses chocolates in it.

Favor Boxes

Don’t throw your old cardboard and make a cute and classy wedding favors out of it. Just come up with the right measurement for the box and the lid and make sure that all sides are proportion when you cut them. Fold until it forms a box or lid and glue sides together to lock. You can add some ribbons, flowers or textured paper as a cover and put anything inside it like small candle, candies or bracelet to complete the favor box.

Burlap Bags

Burlap bags are versatile accessories ideal for rustic wedding. You can use these little adorable bags as wedding favors by designing them with cut printed fabrics, beads along with nice labels, ribbons or laces.


If you love music, why not share your favorite playlist with your guests? Go ahead and download the list of your favorite songs be it a love song, jazz, alternative or pop and convert them into CD’s as an awesome wedding favor. Put them in a classy case, add some sticker with your notes and finish the touches with a ribbon.

Shot Glass

Who says shot glasses are only for drinks? They are great wedding favors too! To make this, get plain shot glasses and other accessories needed for embellishment. So basically, to make different designs out of your shot glasses, you need ribbons, some tissue papers that match your wedding theme, any small candies or nuts and some little bags. The simplest design you could do for a little elegant appeal is just adding a simple ribbon to your shot glass. For an extra classy appeal, just incorporate some simple tissue paper and stick it in the glass. Finally, with your shot glass wrapped with a ribbon, fill them with candies or nuts that guests can munch in while on a reception.

Say thank you to your guests by giving them the best wedding favors without hurting your pocket. If you are still at a complete loss of what wedding favors to make, don’t ever hesitate to grab the ideas above.

To Veil or Not To Veil: Types Of Veils To Match Your Wedding Gown

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Veils are the final touch to any wedding outfit and a great accessory throughout the century. A wedding veil is a traditional accessory that can be created in different designs and embellishments depending on the bride’s preference.

However, there is no authoritative reason or any deep meaning of wearing a veil. It is merely a personal choice. There are people who believe that a dress can be prettier and more emphasized if you keep the headpiece off. While others think that it gives another thrill on the wedding dress so it should be extravagant.

But how can you really choose which one is best for you and fits your beautiful wedding dress? Here are the different types of veil to match your wedding gown:

Birdcage Veils

This type of veil is the shortest one with length of just a span. They are usually worn covering the front face or extending down to the chin. Birdcage veil provides a chic and modern look just enough to finish a simple yet classy wedding gown.

Fingertip Length Veils

Fingertip length veil might be just the one for you. It flatters most brides and it’s the most popular. Mantilla is a beautiful style fingertip veil which is usually designed in circular piece of lace with a gorgeous appliqué edging which is held in place to frame the face. These veils are genuinely modest and elegant with length of approximately 36 to 45 inches that extends to the bride’s fingertips.

Chapel Length Veils

Chapel length veils drape all the way to the ground but do not have a trim. They are slightly shorter than cathedral veils with length of about 90 inches long. These veils are stunning and graceful just perfect to be combined with wedding gowns that has a train.

Cathedral Length Veils

Cathedral length veils are the grand of them all and look great in pictures. They are the longest and thus the classiest wedding dress a bride could wear. The veil is usually longer than the train on the wedding gown with length of usually around 120 inches long extending thoroughly on the ground. Cathedral veils work best with classic full length wedding dresses.

How to choose the right veil for you?

With so many different types of wedding veils available, picking the right one is quite difficult. To make sure your veil matches your dress, you have to think about the style and level of decoration on your dress. For instance, if your dress has a simple design, a more elaborate veil would be ideal. Nevertheless, if you have a heavily decorated wedding dress, a simple veil will complement your look. Always choose a veil that is exactly the same color as your dress or lighter, but never a darker one. Perfect balance is the key. Make sure the veil you choose works to compliment, and not compete with your entire bridal look.

I think a veil always adds to the bridal look, you just have to find the right one for the dress. So I say do whatever makes you most comfortable. On your wedding day – you want to be YOU. And if you can’t see yourself wearing a veil, then I see no reason why you should.

Wedding Planning 101 – How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

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First of all, congratulations! You must be a bride who needs help on planning your wedding day. If you’re in search for information on how to plan a wedding on a budget, then this article is for you.

Today, we’re going to be sharing with you our best tips on how to prepare and save money on your wedding. Let’s get in!

Set A Budget

First, set your budget and stick to it. After the wedding, there were certain things that you have to take care of like the catering, photography, videography and things like that. Perhaps, there were still miscellaneous that you have to take care of, so you have to set a budget including things like your honeymoon, table numbers, other decorations, attire for rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, all of those different things. It is important to set a budget that is attainable and that is beneath what you can actually afford because as you get closer to your wedding day, there will be expenses that will pop up. You need to have money in the reserves to be able to take care of some of those miscellaneous expenses. Also, when it comes to budget, you need to know who the contributors are. So if only you and your fiancé are going to be paying for your wedding, make a plan based on that. But if your parents or maybe some family members are going to contribute to your wedding budget, take them into account when setting your budget.

Set The Best Time For Reception

Have a lunch instead of the dinner. The menu of the lunch and the dinner is exactly the same, the only difference is the $10 less that they charge for lunch. Consider having a morning ceremony followed by a lunch on a reception.

Choose The Venue Wisely

Make sure you’re not just paying for thousands of dollars for the space alone. Try to look for a venue that offers great packages. Some of these packages include tables, chairs, foods, drinks, dishes, silverware, waiters or cake. So basically, choose a venue package that includes everything so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Search for many different venues and don’t settle for the first one that’s the cheapest. Go out, look for the best venues, list your top three and pick one that needs the least amount of decoration so you don’t need to spend a lot of money from it.

Shop Around

Shop around and don’t settle for the first price that you see. Do not buy at wedding retailers because their prices are way too high. Visit the local stores or shop online for affordable wedding supplies.


Be creative, impress your guests and save more money by doing as much as yourself. You can DIY escort cards, table numbers, photo booth backdrops, wedding signs, wedding favors and many more. There’s Pinterest and all these different blogs from creative people that share DIY tips and you can steal ideas from them. Do not pay another person hundreds or thousands of dollars for flower arrangement that you can do-it-yourself.