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10 Tips In Preparing Your Father Of The Bride Speech

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The most awaited day is getting near but you still haven’t thought of the right words to say for your father of the bride speech. It’s definitely mixed emotions for you especially being the dad and it’s possible that you still haven’t dealt of the thought that your daughter will soon leave you and enter a new chapter in her life.

You shouldn’t make your speech complicated, as long as it comes from the heart, everything else will follow.  Consider these 10 tips when preparing your  father of the bride speech;

1. It is best to write your speech days before the wedding or if possible weeks in advance. This will allow you to edit your speech just in case you need to add something or omit certain details that you have written.

2. Writing it in a small piece of paper can be helpful so you won’t forget your speech especially the important ones. Just keep in your coat or pants pocket for easy access.

3. You need to keep your speech as simple as possible. You don’t need to enumerate the whole story regarding your daughter’s life. Just mention the important details and it would suffice as a good father of the bride speech.

4. Keep your speech short and sweet. Try to make it 5 minutes maximum to get the listener’s attention. Lengthy speeches are unnecessary because it will take up time and people will become less interested in hearing the rest of the speech.

5. You can probably add jokes to your speech to make it less boring. This will help create a light atmosphere thus allowing everyone to have a good laugh. You can probably make a joke about not wanting to give your daughter away or say something funny about your experience with the groom.

6. It is better to ask your daughter way ahead of time the names of the people that need to be addressed during the reception to make it more personal. Addressing a person by his/her first name is a good way of letting them know that you value their presence.

7. Practice your speech in front of a mirror. This will help you gain the confidence and this is a great help for people who are not comfortable in speaking publicly in front of a crowd. Through this, you get to memorize bits and pieces of the speech so you don’t have to keep on looking at your speech card for reference.

8. Adding inspirational quotes at the end of the speech is good. This can be your parting words to the newly weds and let this quote serve as their guide as they enter their new life ahead. If you’re a good singer, singing some lines from their theme song can also be incorporated in your speech to make it more entertaining.

9. Speak as clearly as you can and keep a good eye contact with the people around you. This will help you convey your message well and allowing the couple and the rest of the listeners to grasp the entire message that you want to impart with them.

10. End it with a beautiful toast message. Say your wishes for the couple at the end of your speech and allow others to back you up on this through a toast.

Keep these father of the bride speech tips in mind and you will be well on your way in making the best and sincere speech you’ve ever done.