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6 Popular Wedding Hairstyles Every Bride Must Try

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A woman’s hair has long been believed to be her crowning glory. In such a momentous occasion like a wedding, every woman wants to be the most beautiful, as every wedding ideally happens just once in a lifetime.

To achieve the look they want, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyles is very important. A beautiful bride needs to at least try on different hairstyles to match her bridal look.

What are the most popular wedding hairstyles suitable for your wedding day?

  1. Classic updo. Probably the most popular, this one never goes out of style. It is a timeless hairstyle not only great for weddings but also for other formal events. The classic updo will lend some classic vibe to your look, which is always a great idea for wedding portraits. It is timeless, pretty much like what you want your marriage to be. It is a popular choice for traditional church weddings.
  2. Sleek let down. If you know for a fact that your hair is fabulous on its own when you wear it down, try the effortless ‘let your hair down’ look. This is great for brides who like straight, sleek hair just freely flowing over their shoulders. It would not take much effort, and is perfect for laid back weddings. This one is an automatic choice for beach weddings. It is great for ladies who like simplicity.
  3. Loose braids. Another must try hairstyle is the loose braids where you let some strands fall on your face, giving a relaxed, happy vibe. Loose braids look great on brides who are into gypsy, hippie fashion. When you’re planning a Bohemian-themed wedding, or even one on the beach, this one is very appropriate. Just put on a flower crown, and you’re all set.
  4. Cascade curls. Like the sleek let down, it only requires a free flowing hair. This time though, hair is usually set in big waves to make it look more stylish. As permed hair has grown popular over the years, this hairstyle is great for all types of weddings. You can have it down or even in a half-ponytail.
  5. Messy buns. Think you cannot do messy buns on a wedding? Well, you can. After all, it is your wedding. This hairstyle is great for ladies with the no-fuss, no-nonsense personality. If the messy bun has always been your signature hair style, why not make the same statement on your wedding day? You can add pretty flowers on your bun for a more stylish take.
  6. Teased updo. Inspired by the 60’s era, this one is a famous choice for vintage weddings. Ironic how in a very modern era as this decade, vintage weddings are all the rage. This is for the classic brides who are after having a wedding that imbibes the past. Truly a hairstyle that is one for the books.

Every bride is entitled to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. That is, after all, one of the most important day in her life. Take your time in trying to find out which hairstyle and makeup look would be best for your face shape, complexion, and even your wedding theme. You deserve it!