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To Veil or Not To Veil: Types Of Veils To Match Your Wedding Gown

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Veils are the final touch to any wedding outfit and a great accessory throughout the century. A wedding veil is a traditional accessory that can be created in different designs and embellishments depending on the bride’s preference.

However, there is no authoritative reason or any deep meaning of wearing a veil. It is merely a personal choice. There are people who believe that a dress can be prettier and more emphasized if you keep the headpiece off. While others think that it gives another thrill on the wedding dress so it should be extravagant.

But how can you really choose which one is best for you and fits your beautiful wedding dress? Here are the different types of veil to match your wedding gown:

Birdcage Veils

This type of veil is the shortest one with length of just a span. They are usually worn covering the front face or extending down to the chin. Birdcage veil provides a chic and modern look just enough to finish a simple yet classy wedding gown.

Fingertip Length Veils

Fingertip length veil might be just the one for you. It flatters most brides and it’s the most popular. Mantilla is a beautiful style fingertip veil which is usually designed in circular piece of lace with a gorgeous appliqué edging which is held in place to frame the face. These veils are genuinely modest and elegant with length of approximately 36 to 45 inches that extends to the bride’s fingertips.

Chapel Length Veils

Chapel length veils drape all the way to the ground but do not have a trim. They are slightly shorter than cathedral veils with length of about 90 inches long. These veils are stunning and graceful just perfect to be combined with wedding gowns that has a train.

Cathedral Length Veils

Cathedral length veils are the grand of them all and look great in pictures. They are the longest and thus the classiest wedding dress a bride could wear. The veil is usually longer than the train on the wedding gown with length of usually around 120 inches long extending thoroughly on the ground. Cathedral veils work best with classic full length wedding dresses.

How to choose the right veil for you?

With so many different types of wedding veils available, picking the right one is quite difficult. To make sure your veil matches your dress, you have to think about the style and level of decoration on your dress. For instance, if your dress has a simple design, a more elaborate veil would be ideal. Nevertheless, if you have a heavily decorated wedding dress, a simple veil will complement your look. Always choose a veil that is exactly the same color as your dress or lighter, but never a darker one. Perfect balance is the key. Make sure the veil you choose works to compliment, and not compete with your entire bridal look.

I think a veil always adds to the bridal look, you just have to find the right one for the dress. So I say do whatever makes you most comfortable. On your wedding day – you want to be YOU. And if you can’t see yourself wearing a veil, then I see no reason why you should.