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Top Considerations To Achieve A Rustic Country Wedding

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What’s the difference between rustic and vintage? It’s been a little bit of the debate and confusions on the wedding scenes.

Actually, rustic and vintage are two different things. Rustic is like backwoods country-ish, charming nature-inspired  subject that could be hoedown or a little bit more fancy but you can have it in the barn or something similar to that place. Whereas vintage basically means old, so it could be a little bit more classic or concepts inspired from the past. The elements might be similar but they are actually quite different in many ways.

Rustic Country Wedding Key Features

In a nutshell, the main elements of a wedding theme are location, wedding dress, flowers, cakes and venue. But to understand better the rustic themed wedding, let’s find out its key features. For a rustic country wedding to be decorated for guest tables, the most common features are fancy burlap linen with elements that incorporate the color palette includes charger plates, stationery, menu, place card, table number, lantern and flowers. Rustic wedding flowers can basically be anything. Just don’t go for colors that are loud and stick with soft subtle shades.

Other Useful Elements Of Rustic Country Wedding

Details of picture frames, wood signs, birch vase, grapevine cowboy boots, mason jars and a pickup truck will bring rustic and country wedding elements together as one. Garlands of wheat are great accessories as well to accomplish a delicate effect. There are dried wheat grasses year-round and because they don’t easily rotten, you can make them ahead of time.

Rustic Country Wedding Venues

The first place that you probably want to have a wedding like this would be in a barn and that brings in the whole outdoor setting and makes it just an absolutely beautiful rustic wedding right off the bat. The next place would be like a beautiful tent out in the middle of nowhere where you can just appreciate the beautiful surroundings or you might want to have it in your grandparent’s backyard. Wedding couple can also rent a venue that is nestled in a beautiful and peaceful valley with well designed landscape and outdoor architecture. The selected venue can be dressed up to match your wedding theme.

Finally, when planning for a rustic country wedding, don’t overdo it by complementing too rough elements that could exaggerate or destroy the natural setting. Make sure to maintain the elegance and grace on the scene. Your goal is to emphasize the rustic charm and style that suits you, your fiancé and your guests which makes the whole thing extra special. Your dream of an elegant, unique and wonderful rustic country wedding can come true with a little preparation and a little knowledge about the essential considerations like the information we’ve mentioned above. Moreover, add some creativity by combining country and rustic together with ideas that everyone will certainly love.