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5 Beautiful Décor Ideas For Fall Wedding

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Fall season is one of the most popular times to have wedding. Fall wedding season is a perfect time to have fun decorating and show off your creativity. Today, we are going to give you a few important tips on how to really have a great fall wedding.


The first thing you want to think about would be…colors. With fall colors, you’ll find a lot like oranges, deep reds, golden yellows and some browns. You can think of warm colors that are very inviting and comforting and then bring those colors in to your wedding ceremony and reception. Check out these five beautiful décor ideas for fall wedding;

1. Burnt Orange Overlays

Have some really nice satin red napkins and really fun brown Chiavari chairs. This would definitely bring a live warmth color on the scene. Also, think of what you will have for centerpieces with those kinds of colors.

2. Fall Flowers For Centerpieces

The next point to think about would be the flower centerpieces that are great in this season. A couple of these flowers that are certainly ideal for centerpieces include roses, wildflower, gerrondo gerbera daisy, craspedia billy balls and amaranthus. These are like fun bright and classy deep red flowers perfectly fit with your fall-themed wedding. You can also get creative by adding fake or some actual autumn leaves in the same colors, have a rustic-inspired vase at your centerpiece with many oranges inside. Just keep those kinds of autumn colors and bring in all sorts of stuff to your centerpieces that will be on your guest tables.

3. Play With Accents

You can use pumpkins and have a trail of all sorts of different pumpkins including little ones and big ones and put them on the table. Add fake autumn leaves and sprinkle them all around. Think about doing accents to your cake, table for couple and other areas of the wedding venue.

4. Little Creativity With Seating Cards

Escort cards or seating cards are a great way to bring in a lot of fun decor ideas. Keep within the fall theme by using a small tree or twigs to creatively display your escort cards. So instead of writing the cards on a piece of paper, you can put them on the same autumn color leaves and hang them on the tree so it looks like an actual fall tree.

5. Charming Autumn Buffet

Don’t forget an autumn inspired menu and décor on your wedding buffet.  You can decorate your buffet with organic apples and currants and have a list of menu like bite sized items, pumpkin soup or vegetable soup and incorporate fall flavors such as cinnamon, apple, pumpkin and caramel for desserts.

These are just some of the wedding decoration ideas for fall season and there are certainly more. Wedding essentials such as personal bouquet, invitation cards, backdrops and giveaways are also necessary things that every must consider when planning for a fall wedding. Bring in all your creativity and resources especially when it’s about planning the special day of your life – your wedding day.