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5 Creative Ways To Decorate Wedding Tiffany Chairs

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When planning a wedding, we give importance to every detail, starting from the venue all the way down to the honeymoon. Speaking of wedding details, we consider the chair as one of the most important elements of a wedding ceremony because this is where the guests spend their entire time on the event. Moreover, the arrangement of the chairs would be one of the things they will notice as they enter the reception area.

Choosing the right chair for your wedding is not a difficult job. Just make sure it matched your wedding theme really well.

Nowadays, there are a number of chair options for rent with various designs and price points. If you have a huge budget, then it would be easy to find really nice wedding chairs for rent. In choosing the chairs, some opt for regular ones, but if you want a rustic and conventional look for your big day, consider the Tiffany chairs.

Tiffany chair these days is the talk of the party. It is elegant and offers endless ways to dress up and complement any certain types of occasions.

Looking for design ideas for your Tiffany chairs? Grab these five creative ideas to decorate your Tiffany chairs for your upcoming wedding day!

1. Sashes

Using sashes is a good choice as it allows you to create a romantic scene. The sash can be designed with taffeta, organza, ruffle and laces. Depending on your wedding motif, you can tie sashes around the chairs with the colors of your choice or create a cute bow out of it to achieve an elegant look. Just make sure to hide your pins!

2. Ribbons

Ribbon is another popular way to design your Tiffany chairs and it always had a huge part in most weddings. When renting Tiffany chairs, you can gather ideas online with DIY procedures on how to use the ribbons to decorate your chairs. You can use satin ribbons and cut them according to the height of the chair, incorporate colorful ribbons and tie them to the top rail, tie two ribbons at the back of the chair using organza, wrap satin ribbons around the top of the Tiffany chair, decorate them with Polka dot ribbon or try accessorizing them with mesh that matches the other elements.

3. Flowers

Wedding won’t be complete without flowers all around. So why not put pretty flowers on your Tiffany chairs? You can fill little vases with colorful or monochromatic flowers accompanied by other greenery elements such as leafy garlands and freshly picked blooms.

4. Beads

Charming pearl and beads are absolutely unique ways to decorate your wedding chairs. Whether you are going to use small or big pieces of beads, this would surely add glamour to the reception scene.

5. Mix N Match

When you rent Tiffany chairs, you are free to mix and match or combine other elements you like such as flowers and ribbons, beads and sashes or ribbon and beads.

Why Use Tiffany Chairs?

Tiffany chairs are everyone’s favorite. They are simple yet provide classy and rustic effects especially when you accessorize them with other decorative elements. This wedding chair is a quality, well-maintained and durable ones that could last a lifetime. Whether you are going to hold the wedding event on a beach, garden or a regular venue, Tiffany chairs are definitely a great choice.

Tiffany chairs come in various styles to complement your wedding theme. If you are going to search online, you can find hundreds of these chairs made from wood, lightweight plastic or metal. You can also use cushions or seat pads on them to make them more comfortable for the guests. Indeed, chairs play an important role in any wedding ceremony, set the tone and allow your reception to shine.