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Tips on Wedding Engagement Photography

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Engagement photography portrays the couple’s spark and love before their wedding. In order to get pro pictures know a few tips on wedding engagement photography.

Make your engagement day memorable with amazing photography:

From the precursor to main event, each moment is equally important for a couple. When the countdown starts for your engagement day, it leaves you with stress. On your engagement day, more than just your classy attire demands the whole attention of your guests. Also you must not forget another most important thing to cherish your memories and it is photography. Professional photographers capture all the natural moments during your engagement. The pre-engagement couple finds it tough to choose the best photographers for their engagement party. The lensman is mainly responsible for capturing the best moments of that day.

Poses that couples hold in their engagement photos are mostly creative, love-struck and creative. Your photos can be outstanding if the cameraman employs the best tricks in it. Select good photographers who understand your viewpoint and offer you with some natural clicks. Their creative ideas can make your engagement day memorable. Young couple, who are waiting for their engagement day, must browse to gather ideas on engagement photography styles.

10 tips on wedding engagement photography:

On your engagement day, every single guest longs to glance at you and your partner. As time advances, a common fret occupies your mind to find out what to wear and how to pose before the lensman. Moreover, experienced shutterbugs captures moments of the day before your engagement. Below are some tips on wedding engagement photography that a professional photographer incorporates while clicking photos:

Gantry State Park Engagement_-34

Gantry State Park Engagement

Choose your place for photography – Select the location of your photo shoot. A beautiful background makes the clicks more gorgeous and attractive. It can be a beach or a vineyard. You must select a place that pleases your mood.

Select the best outfit – Once you have selected your place, it’s time to pick up the best outfit. It may be formal or casual. Wear outfits that make you comfortable when you come in front of camera.

Presence of suitable weather Weather adds extra spice to your photography. It depends on what time of the year you are getting engaged. Your surroundings offer a great look if cherry blossoms or leaves start to fall. It makes the atmosphere colorful. If you are willing to shoot in the rain or in a beautiful summer sunset, plan accordingly. Your photographer gives a shape to your idea.

Gantry State Park Engagement_-42

Gantry State Park Engagement

Theme of your photography – There are few couples, who want to mimic their favorite movie or song album. If you are interested to set a theme for your engagement, then fix it as soon as possible. Bring props that you need for creating theme photos.

Look comfortable on your photo shoot Always carry an extra outfit for your engagement photo session. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the first outfit, try the second one to comfort yourself.

Choice of colors Choose the color of your dress that complements your skin tone. Try to avoid neon colors or extreme bright colors. There must be a coordination of colors in both of your outfits. But, don’t be too trying to match colors.

Share your vision with photographers – Do you want to create a dreamy, lovely and romantic image? Or you want to get some funny and quirky snaps? Well, ensure that your photographer is able to provide you with all those stuffs that you desire.

Interact with each other Interact with each other while you are attending the photo session for your engagement. Make your fiancé laugh, kiss each other or do something silly to gather some natural and funny clicks.

Be casual Your photos won’t be good if you get nervous in front of the lens. Give some natural poses and try to be casual. A little bit nervousness may ruin all your efforts.

Relax to get best photography Though everyone gets stressed on their engagement day, couples must relax. Just be yourself to make the clicks excellent.

Gantry State Park Engagement_-8

Gantry State Park Engagement

Get rid of your troubles during photo session:

Your photographers may direct you for making the photos creative. Follow their ideas and feel comfortable when the shoot begins. Professional photographers are good artists. They know how to brighten your picture. If you just pick a photographer, it doesn’t assure you with the best photography. Your engagement day is special for you, so make it memorable. Natural talent in a shutterbug may be handy. Get help from experienced pro engagement photographers and gather some mind blowing images. However, know some of the tricks to click perfect photos on your engagement day:

Keep it simple Casual and simple poses helps you to get the best clicks. Select a pose that suits both the fiancés. Pictures will be great if you just have some “go-to” poses.

Perfect make up Less is more when it comes to make up. Not only the bride, even the future groom requires perfect touch up before facing the camera.

Proper light You may click photos one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunrise. But, it must have perfect lighting direction.

Encourage each other Be an inspiration for your partner so that they feel comfortable throughout the photo session.  It creates some natural shoots.

Enjoy the shoot It is more important for the couple to enjoy the photo session. Unless they find it interesting, their photos may not be a great success.

It will be wise decision to set everything with your photographer prior to your engagement day. This helps you to get prepared for the day. An appointment with your photographers let you know their price. Your expense will depend on their reputation and photography style. A renowned photo artist may charge high expense while providing you with the best quality. You must negotiate with your photographer. Communication is the best way to create best images. After you have zeroed in your photographers from the list of shutterbugs, book them immediately for your engagement day. It assist you to avoid confusion in the future. Best photos, clicked with the assistance of a great artist, keep your memories alive for a lifetime.

Wedding Videography Services

Shoot Your Ceremony with Excellent Wedding Videography Services in New York

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Wedding Videography Services in New York:

Wedding couples should always hire professional videographers for their ceremony. Browse websites and get knowledge about wedding Videography Services in New York.

Wedding videography in New York:

Wedding videographers offer you with the beauty of traditional film. They make a nice blend of modern digital technologies with traditional film techniques. Wedding day is the best event of your life. Every professional decides their service charges at their own wish. Of course, a reputed videographer will charge you with a huge amount. Typical wedding videography package usually covers eight hours. Adding extra time may increase your expense.(wedding Videography services)

Things to remember before you choose the best professional videographer:

A videographer captures your every movement. They capture the moments and put them together to build a story. There are many wedding videography services in New York that offer you with excellent videography. Here are some points to remember while you’re figuring out how much a wedding videographer may charge you:

  • 15% of total budget means $2800 in US. It is the average price that you may have to spend for your wedding videography in New York.
  • One may expect, the videographer to cost any price between $2500 and $10,000. It depends on their experience, quality of equipments and also includes their wedding packages.
  • While discussing with videographers, ask them about how much extra they can charge from you, if little changes are made in your videography.
  • Also, a location has a important part on wedding videography. If you live in a modern area somewhere in New York City, then the charges may be high for couples.

How to reduce your wedding videography cost?

Now, when you have understood how much your videographer may cost you, it’s time to know the easy ways to cut that cost:

Decide wedding video package – Often, a videographer will try to charge you more. See their packages and decide which one you want to avail before the day comes. videographer’s are very upfront with how much they are charging you. But, there are some videographers, who want you to spend more than you have to. Be careful while hiring your professional!

Ask for a discount – If you already have set a amount that your spending on your wedding, still you need a professional documentarian, ask them for discounts. But, they are comfortable to negotiate with you. It might help you to get amazing video shoot at an affordable price.  Sometimes off-days itself has some discounts. So, if your wedding is arranged on an off-day, ask your camera person for off-day deals.

More than one professional videographer may cost more money – A wedding is one of the most precious days of your life. Therefore, couples want to make it a grand success. Often, a second video shooter is hired in a wedding event. Be sure that none of them feel uncomfortable with each other know how much your cameraman may charge you, and then only go for the second one.

Hire local videographers – If you hire a professional who lives out of town, it may cost you a high price. In this case, you are more likely to pay the travel fare of your videographer. Also, if your videographer lives at a far distance, you have to spend your money on their lodging. Couples must hire their lensman from local area to avoid all the extra charges.

Charges on different styles – There are different videography styles available for you. Often, couple wants to blend two styles together. It costs them extra money. Also, their cost depends on the number of cameras, styles of the edited video or DVD. Sometimes, professional videographers give you options for an extra camera. It also has different charges.

Hire skilled Videographers to capture your grand wedding:

There are different packages like Deluxe, Premium and Luxury package. A deluxe package includes one or two camera and covers up to five hours. It captures only the wedding moment. But, premium package covers up to eight hours and luxury package offers you with unlimited time coverage. Specially, in luxury package the lensman shoots the whole event. You can browse different websites to get the contact info of reputed cameramen. A less experienced camera person can also provide you with the same services at an affordable price, but check their reviews before hiring them.

Wedding Video

A Guide to Wedding Video Styles to Create an Artistic Memory

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Wedding Video Styles:

If your wedding bells are ringing, it’s time to hire the best videographer to keep those memories forever. Get a guide to wedding video styles from the best of videographers.

Make Beautiful wedding videos with professional videographers:

Wedding photos may be gorgeous when cameramen know what they are doing, but film is entirely different. Only a perfect video can showcase every single movement of your wedding day. The process of videography has changed drastically in the past few years. A high quality video makes you the star of your own film.

Top five unique wedding video styles:

If you have already decided to hire a wedding videographer, then you must know the best videos styles to make your film perfect. Websites offer you with a guide to wedding video styles and allow you to select your own style before the big day. Some of the video styles are noted below for you to select your special style for the day:

Journalistic – This style is sometimes known as documentary. The videographer captures the whole wedding day as it happens. From morning to night, every single moment is captured in reels.  The parts are usually edited as they occur. Some journalistic videos involve interviews of the bride and groom with their relatives or guests. Often, the sound bites from these interviews are used throughout the video to narrate the story of the couple.

Cinematic – the cinematic wedding video style is considered to be better than that of journalistic videos. The wedding moments are captured and edited in a manner so that it looks like a complete movie. The whole film is given a dramatic effect. The video relies on music and special effects. Sometimes, the videographer adds more color contrast in order to give it that dramatic feel. Usually, videographers direct the couple or guests what to do on camera to make it more like a movie.

Short form – This highly edited version of your wedding video lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. Its style can be similar to either journalistic or cinematic videos. It doesn’t include the speeches of your guests or bride and groom in full. Videographers, who offer short form wedding videos, may provide the full length of wedding ceremony as a separate feature.

Traditional – Traditional video is the oldest form of videography. This video style is becoming unpopular nowadays. If you want to blend modern videography with the traditional one, ask your videographer if they are able to provide you with that. But, this may cost you extra money.

Storytelling – The video relies on sound bites. The sound bites are added to the audio track for providing more dramatic effect. A nice story is narrated throughout the videography. Some special and mind-blowing effects make the video attractive.

Professional videography preserves the most precious moments of your life. No matter how many times you watch your wedding video, it’ll never get old. Most importantly, one can also hold the sights and sounds of that special event. On your wedding day, the rituals are performed very quickly. Video helps to capture those moments for you and your family. Questions may come to mind on the proper way to choose the best professional for your wedding day. Discuss with your friends or relatives and ask if they know any professional videographer. Also you can browse websites to find what fits you.

How shall you select professional videographers?

Your wedding video offer you with a romantic feel even if you watch it after a few years. However, videography options today are very elegant and exciting. You are not limited to any choice. There are lots of video styles to choose from. When you are planning to hire a videographer, make sure that they have a good reputation in the industry.

Things you must keep in mind for excellent wedding videography:

A cameraman captures your wedding moments and edits the footage afterwards. Proper editing of your video consumes huge time. So, don’t be in a hurry while you are planning to get a unique video of your wedding ceremony. When you have zeroed in your videographers, make your appointment with them. Talk about what type of video you want for your wedding. Videographers use lots of equipment while capturing your memories. It is better to have some understanding on videography before hiring your videographer. It helps you get a proper idea on what exactly you are offered by the videographer.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Styles to Create Impressive and Artistic Photos

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 Wedding Photography Styles:

Wedding Photography Styles are important to make each of your images stand out. It’s not just the wedding, but the wedding photographs hold the same importance.

Now that you have found your soulmate and decided to tie the knot, there is a lot of planning in a wedding. From sending out invitations, choosing the clothes you need to purchase to finding the best reception venue. But, in all this craziness, don’t forget to hire a photographer who has a different style of work. It is also important to select the right wedding photography styles to have interesting images. Nowadays, couples want different photography tones to make their pictures pop. The photographers don’t just help you click the perfect photos, but also help you in choosing the perfect styles to suit your personalities.


Variety of wedding photography styles explained:

Your wedding is the most beautiful time to enjoy with friends and family. But couples often get worked up in picking the best photo styles to suit them. Don’t get stressed out! Grooms and brides have many options for their photo shoots.

Selecting the photography style comes down to three most important things: your comfort level in front of the camera, the time your willing to spend with the photographer and the style of pictures you want. But people often get confused with the different photography styles used by cameramen. So, while choosing a photographer, request for their whole collection of wedding photos to understand their work.(Wedding Photography)

Wedding photography is a fine balance between making amazing photos and meeting the deadline. Before you select one style, keep reading to know about them all.

Wedding Photography Styles:

  • Fine Art Photography:

Recently, fine art photography has created a buzz. It is has a traditional and classic style that adds a fashion touch. The fine art photographs look beautiful and dreamy, but moreover romantic. The setting is relaxed and natural! And the best part is couples can add their tips and ideas before the shoot begins.

Expect: Tasteful shots that make the bride and groom look like romantic couple from a movie.

Search for: Fine Art photography, Fashion photography.

  • Reportage Photography:

This style of photography makes your wedding a real time event that aims to capture moments while they happen. The photographers look for a style without influencing your marriage ceremony narrative. These photographers have a background in journalism, so they know a lot about capturing blink-and-miss moments. With weddings becoming informal, people want their wedding pictures look as natural as possible. The wedding journalism photographs have – unique images, relaxed settings and new ideas with interesting angles.

Expect: real moments that you had no idea where being captured on camera.

Search for: Photojournalism, Realistic photography.

  • Traditional Photography:

Traditional photography is the oldest form of wedding photography. But the word “traditional” struck wrong chords with people. . The cameraman make you pose for the pictures of groups and the couple. However, this photography style is important on moments on the formal setting. It fails to reflect the smiles and happy moments of the wedding day but is a timeless group of images.

Expect: Organized individual portraits, group shots and posed couple pictures, formal but classic shots.

Search for: Classic wedding photography, Posed photography,

  • Vintage Photography:

Vintage photography is in vogue but it is hard to assess. Vintage style makes everything looks ultra-romantic, from themed rustic weddings – decorations made with old yarns weaved together. If you are thinking for vintage style photography then it is important to select the right photographer. The photographer can bring out the proper feeling of photography by using old film cameras or selecting a different post production to make the photos appear classic. The main aim of the vintage style photography is to create long lasting and elegant images.

Expect: Eternal pictures that immediately makes photos look exotic and dreamy.

Search for: Retro wedding photography, Vintage photography.

  • Contemporary Photography:

This style is inspired by fashion photography that makes high-end glossy images. It is big on delivering interesting shots that are amazing. The shots are set up like traditional photography but are less formal. The photographer is finding great spots as background or be in angles with strong light effects. This style is often called as cherish-the-dress or trash shoot that has shooting in one or more days. The images that are created after post shooting doesn’t hold the feeling of the wedding day because most of them are posed shots. It is just the photographer’s style that has more control on your wedding album other than the overall photos.

Expect: Loads of fun, minor stunts, use of props and loads of poses as a couple.

Search for: Fashion photography, Creative photography,Modern photography,

There are various photography styles, but don’t fall prey to the trends. Before your wedding it is important to look for good photographers and professional photographers who can help you choose the best style. Click adorable and stylish photographs to cherish in future and keep memorable wedding day alive forever.