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Showtime Studio is a subsidiary of Showtime Lights and Events. We have won the top awards in the industry as voted by our happy clients year after year, and have been recently inducted into The Knot’s Hall of fame.  After over 400 events, we have mastered the art of capturing beauty in the most unique and artistic way according to our client’s style, taste and personality.
Bride Smiling

Smiling Bride

March 30, 2014

Bride and Bridesmaids

Bride at Church

March 30, 2014

bride and groom

Moody Lighting B&G

March 30, 2014

closeup bride and groom

Closeup Lens B&G

September 22, 2013

chruch bride and groom

B&G At Church Brenizer Method

September 22, 2013

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A Showtime Lights and Events company, we are rated 5-star on all major Wedding websites.

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We combine Photography and Videography packages under one roof, in order to deliver the most consistent product. Our staff works together in making the best posing and lighting decisions to deliver your style of image.


We use only the best state-of-the-art Video equipment to capture your special event in the most creative and memorable way. We use DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses, and a host of image stabilization equipment and techniques. All video is edited and color-corrected, with custom menus and titles.

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We create an event webpage for you to quickly and easily share your precious memories with your family and friends. Everything is uploaded, from your engagement shoot to your last kiss, and all images and video are free to download.

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We are open 7 days per week, and can be reached for emergencies 24 hours a day. Our clients are provided with direct contact information where they can text, call or e-mail anytime.

Your Event – Your Style

See a photo or video online that you’d love to recreate? E-mail us and we will take you to a similar scenery with lighting in order to deliver your style of photography and videography.

We capture your special day with our unique photography & cinematography style, blending traditional and photojournalistic, with an emphasis on composition and lighting.

Why settle for one style when you can have it all in one, which only comes with talent and experience.


7 Beauty Prep Tips Before Your Wedding Day

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Congratulations, you are finally engaged!

In a girl’s life, an engagement marks the next big chapter of her life. Apart from spending their entire lifetime with the husband to be, it also signals the beginning of new rituals to do to prepare herself for her big day.

A wedding is always something to look forward to and prepare for. As the bride and the woman of the hour, you must do your part in making sure you’ll look your best on your best day ever. Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help!

1.    Start working out.About to get married or not, this one is quite a given. We work out not only to look our best, but also to get fit and stay healthy. However, since it is a wedding prep thing, working out this time should be done regularly. Don’t resort to just working out when the wedding comes closer, make it a hard habit. When done out of pressure, it will just tire you out. Who likes looking tired on their wedding pictures? A good workout is when you enjoy what you’re doing. That is where happiness comes from. Endorphins, anyone?

2.    Eat healthier. We like to say go on a good diet, but a diet is never good enough if you starve yourself. You can sign up for meal plans. They can help you choose which food to skimp on and which to consume more so you’ll have glowing skin and a great bod to show off on your wedding dress. Prepare to lessen your intake of greasy food, like pizza and fries.

3.    Get an appointment for a body scrub session. Of course, great skin is a must on your wedding day! Glowing skin sounds great to any bride, and to achieve it, go and splurge on a body scrub. You can even add body wraps and massage to take all the stress of wedding preparations away. This can be done weeks before the wedding, and just go on a regular spa day like a day before to look fresh and rested on the big event.

4.    Sleep more. We know it is harder to sleep when you are anxious of all the wedding preparations. You got so much on your plate, hence the invention of the word ‘bridezilla’. It is possible to not turn into one, just make sure you take some time to rest when you can. A longer sleep will do the trick. When your mind is well-rested, you get to accomplish more than the usual. Plus, it will show on your skin. We do not like saggy eye bags on our wedding day.

5.    Have a test run of your ideal makeup looks. And hair styles as well. You can go to your stylist and give her an idea of your ideal look for your wedding. You can have options to choose from and go from there. This will save you time on the big day itself. No more erasing makeup when you don’t approve of how it looks on you.

6.    Go on an eyelash extension. If you’re not one of the few gifted with long, full lashes, fret not. You can go for falsies, or better yet, book for an eyelash extension. It will lend you a more romantic vibe, and always looks better in pictures.

7.    Get an appointment in a waxing salon. Another one to do for your skin, and is also a great preparation for your honeymoon. Get your upper lips, legs, and bikini area waxed to make sure you look your best. You can also book for a laser hair removal if you have low pain tolerance.

Get these things done and prepare for the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” you will get from your guests. Best wishes!

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